dumat: steel gratings and floorings
steel wire rod cold rolling, drawing and processing company
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DUMAT sp z o.o. (Co)
Wire & rod rolling plant
ul. Katowicka 72
PL-41-400 Myslowice
Poland E.U.
fax: +48322028339 exp-imp dpt.
tel: +48602718342  exp-imp dpt.
tel: +48322028339 exp-imp dpt.

We are a manufacturer of steel wire and rod products in Poland. We have been operating on the market since 1991.
We export our products to Germany, France and Czech Republic. We manufacture among others following products:
1/Cold rolled narrow steel strip
8x1,5 up to 16x5mm acc to DIN EN 10139
Main application ; steel gratings ( DIN 24537 gratings standard ).
A/ Coils : B/ Rods
pr6smalll.jpg (2245 bytes) pr7smalll.jpg (1917 bytes)
2/ Bright Steel (cold finished) drawn products:
A/ Coils B/ Rods
pr1smalll.jpg (2450 bytes) pr2smalll.jpg (2401 bytes)
Squares (Rods) pr3smalll.jpg (1621 bytes)
Hexagons pr4smalll.jpg (1593 bytes)
Flats pr5smalll.jpg (1592 bytes)
Twist rolled wire Coils pr10smalll.jpg (1905 bytes)
Twist rolled wire Bars pr11smalll.jpg (1687 bytes)
Ribbed construction wire pr12smalll.jpg (1359 bytes)
Ribbed construction bars pr13smalll.jpg (1359 bytes)
Welding wire pr8smalll.jpg (1522 bytes)
Welding rods pr9smalll.jpg (1582 bytes)
Welded wire mesh for coal mines  

We base mostly on following standards:
DIN EN 10139 :1997-12
Titel (deutsch): Kaltband ohne Überzug aus weichen Stählen zum Kaltumformen - Technische Lieferbedingungen; Deutsche Fassung EN 10139:1997
Titel (englisch): Cold rolled uncoated mild steel narrow steel strip for cold forming - Technical delivery conditions; German version EN 10139:1997

DIN EN 10140
Title: Cold rolled narrow steel strip - Dimensional and geometrical tolerances (FOREIGN STANDARD)
Abstract: The document specifies tolerances on shape and dimensions for cold rolled narrow steel strip.

DIN EN 10278
Title: Dimensions and tolerances of bright steel products (FOREIGN STANDARD)
Abstract: The document specifies the dimensions and tolerances of bright steel products.

DIN EN 10218-2
Title: Steel wire and wire products: General - Wire dimensions and tolerances (FOREIGN STANDARD)
Abstract: The document describes the dimensions and tolerances of steel wire and wire products.

We serve you with full details of our products.