Quilts, pillows, cushions for bed and garden as well as sewn blanket bags presents leading Polish manufacturer
home and garden textiles from Europe, Poland
home and garden textiles from Europe, Poland
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Quilts, pillows, mattress protectors - description  :

Our products are created basing on modern designs, broad range of manufacturing facilities, direct cooperation with international raw materials suppliers, application of worldwide known and development of own brands. We are in position to manufacture products meeting customer requirements basing on following components :

Manufacturing facilities:
We possess 2 manufacturing plants with storage areas. Following processes are made basing on own machines and facilities: continuous multineedle quilting, one needle quilting, trimming and edge closing with band, carding, filling fibers processing, foam chips cutting, vacuum packing, sewn bags with zipper and rope handle manufacturing, edge reinforcing and circle quilting (in case of garden or kitchen pillows) .

Filling materials:
We fill our products mainly with synthetic fibers of different properties i.e.:
-Polyester , silicone, hollow conjugated fibers - washable up to 95°C , highly resilient, durable , keeps its shape , has good recovery properties , odourless , "breathes" actively , good warmth retention, good moisture dispersion, good air circulation .

-Trevira CS® fibers - worldwide recoginsed flame retardant filling.

-Trevira Bioactive® fibers - combat all known forms and types of bacteria. The "built-in" effect of Trevira bioactive offers consumers a number of advantages. The antibacterial components are embedded in the fibre and - unlike those given an after-treatment with chemical substances - do not cause skin irritations. Tests have shown that the effect remains unchanged, even after 100 wash cycles.

On Polish market we manufacture also products filled with
down, feathers and sheep wool.

Ticking materials :
We use woven, nonwoven and knitted fabrics. In case of cheaper woven fabrics, with lower density, we apply nonwoven cloth - protection against fiber penetration . In case of quilted pillows between nonwoven and woven cloth we use also polyester fiber interlayer.
The essential fabrics applied for our products are as following:
  • 100% cotton,
  • polycotton blends of different qualities (super soft, silicone finished),
  • viscose polyamide blends,
  • knitted terry polycotton,
  • knitter tricot cotton,
  • microfibre,
  • micro-modal-interlock (Lenzing Modal®),
  • lyocell (Lenzing Lyocell®),
  • nowoven polyester,
  • nonwoven polypropylene .

To improve functionality of the products applied fabrics may have following finishings:

  • Actigard® -protective treatment applied onto the fibers. Prevents durably and comprehensively the growth of house dust mites, mould fungi, bacteria and their allergens. The protection remains throughout the entire service life of an article without the need of any re-application,
  • Trevira Bioactive® -combats all known forms and types of bacteria, "built-in" effect ,
  • Aloe vera - skin care properties
  • Trevira CS® - Flame retardant

Substantial part of fillings and fabrics are Oko Tex 100 certified . Our products are also certified by Polish test laboratories .

Packing methods
As individual packing we use sewn bags with zipper and rope or other handle, manufactured by our company. Additionally we offer vacuum packing into kidney punched handle polybags. As collective packing we use polybags or cartons ( 3 or 5 layer type). For marketing purposes we apply photoprinted leaflets, corner etiquettes and product data etiquettes.

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