AMW Nawrot sp.j. Co
feathers and down processing plant in Poland, European Union.
AMW Nawrot sp.j. (Co)
feathers and down processing plant.
Ulanow 1  (street)
PL-42-625  Pyrzowice
Poland E.U.
fax: 0048322028339 exp-imp dpt.
tel: +48602718342 exp-imp dpt.
tel: +48322028339 exp-imp dpt.
sms: +48602718342

RDS, Oeko Tex

Technical standards:

We are down and feathers processing company in Poland.
We put in motion in 2015 new plant equipped with new washing and sorting facilities for feathers and down.
We have direct relations with slaughter houses and feathers collecting plants.
We can prepare mixtures and grades acc to customer wishes.
Our company has been RDS and Oeko Tex certified and possess own EU Veterinary number .
Main markets: Poland , Western and Eastern Europe .

PLS ask for prices per email:
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Galery of products made in our factory:
down natural filling

down feathers mix natural filling

feathers natural filling

feathers or down in pressed bales

feathers and down sorting machine

down filling power

DIN EN 12934
Feather and down - Composition labelling of precessed feathers and down for use as sole filling material; German version EN 12934:1999

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