Candy Floss

confectionery product from manufacturer in Poland

About us

We are leading manufacturer of candy floss sweet treat in Poland.
This is our specialty and the only product we make.
We have gained an edge over our competitors and supply numerous customers across the whole of Europe.

Some details

Marketing options Private Label: design acc to customer requirement
Our brands and designs.
Packaging options Plastic buckets
Plastic cups
Aluminium bags

Certificates Valid IFS Food version 7 certificate
Feature One Fancy colors and corresponding tastes
Feature Two Fluffiness.
Feature Three Compelling smell

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Contact details

Candy Floss Sp z o. o. Sp.K Co
Street: Kardynala Augusta Hlonda 47E
PL-41-712 Ruda Slaska, Poland

VAT TAX ID PL6412536049
tel mob:  +48602718342
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